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About Butterscotch

Hey, a Warm Welcome to you all on my blog MissButterscotch! Many of you might be wondering how this title popped up? There is a beautiful story behind it but surely is interesting. I and my family members were scratching their heads for too long but still couldn’t come to a single conclusion.

One fine day having Ice-Cream with them and I got the idea. Yes, you guessed it right it was butterscotch ice-cream and we discussed that why not Missbutterscotch just like our lives crunchy at times but with a little sweet cream(efforts) it gets better. I Renu Shekhawat came to Jaipur, Rajasthan in 2002 to my aunt’s home to visit Jaipur. I belong to a middle-class family and my father is a farmer, who still lives in the village. But I got attached to my aunt very much and never wanted to leave her, my father came to take me back and that’s how it all started.

My destiny turned from a village, where it was next to impossible to learn English but Life turns around without prior notice. Slowly I gained confidence and was able to present myself in a much better way. From being a nobody to somebody is a great feeling and a life changing experience. I never thought of this happening to me but our destiny as I told you before is something which makes us believe in ourselves. After completing my school I did graduation in B.T.S ( Bachelor’s in Tourism Studies) and currently pursuing BCom ( Bachelor of Commerce) and also joined a nearby school as a part timer and did an internship at a travel agency named India’s Invitation. After working for few years I joined an International Wedding Portal as Editor In Chief and Social Media Manager and as of now still working. This is my little journey and now with an idea to share my experience about people and life, this is why we all are here at our blog of MissButterscotch. A journey from being something to everything.