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Be a perfect bride on your Dream Day

Be a perfect bride on your Dream Day

All you pretty ladies out there, get ready to take notes or better be extra attentive because we’re talking about the ‘glow’ of your skin for you being the perfect bride, who will captivate the hearts of not only your guests but also of your partner. Moments need to be captured beautifully and Wedding Velvet will help you to create your wonderful memories. Here are some incredibly helpful tips on how to get your skin in prime shape and look just stunning at your Wedding. For that perfect bridal glow that you all want on your Big Day and its recipe for success, what you need to do is keep yourself at the centre of all the planning process. Get your perfect makeup tips from makeup artist Sanjana Bandesha.

Photography: Wedding Velvet.

Glowing skin

Most of the bride actually forget about their skin, when it comes to the wedding. They and the family members become busy in booking the venue, arranging the wedding planner, photographer, caterer, etc. etc. etc. but in true sense the look of the bride should be taken care of. To get that perfect glow on the face all you need to do is to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate your skin. This can be done by a lot of water intake, massaging the face, applying the face masks and so on. You should gently scrub your skin, which may lead to the removal of dead skin layers. This undoubtedly will give you a radiant glow on that Big Day.

Makeup : Sanjana Bandesha.

Glamorous Make-up

After tenderly nurturing your skin and making it glow, the next thing to be kept in mind is that perfect make-up, which should be just sufficient to enhance your beauty. For this you need to hire an experienced make-up artist. You should discuss and find about them and then finalize one. Taking advice from those who had looked stunning in their wedding, would definitely be useful. Personal recommendations always work best. People with experience would know what exactly you want. Make-up should also be less glittery, because if there is a lot of sparkle then your photographs would be badly affected. So go for that stuff, which gives you an elegant and a charming look.

Makeup : Sanjana Bandesha.

Stunning Attire

Women are appreciated by the type of attire they wear and you being the ‘Queen of the Hour’, should have the most glamorous attire. You should take help of someone who has a brilliant choice of color and fabric. Bright, vibrant and gaudy colours, which are just meant for the bride, might give you that fabulous look. Even pastel colors, with a certain type of fabric, give a classy look. You should make the best choice, according to your skin tone and the type of fabric that suits you, you may consider Shahi Handicraft for your wedding attire. Also make sure that you have a matching, comfortable footwear to complete your attire.

Designer: Shahi Handicraft.

Enchanting Jewelry and Accessories

Every female loves jewelry and is always fascinated by beautiful accessories. So is a bride, after all, she is the one who would be looked at by thousands of eyes on that special day. If you would be admired by your guests then your partner would also feel proud for getting you as his better half. Jewelry and accessories should go well with the attire you choose for yourself. For this, you should try to find out the most popular vendors, one can be Sangeeta Boochra. This could be done by surfing the internet or by asking people who have tried a few of them.

Jewelry: Sangeeta Boochra.

Graceful Attitude

Apart from your physical appearance, you should also be conscience about the calm and serenity on your face at the time of your wedding. The mental poise will be reflected on your face and would give you a natural glow and radiance. Weddings are always very hectic and tiring but you should not lose your calm. This tranquility would enhance the grace on your face and all your guests would admire the adorable charm in you. When during the ceremony, the bridal couple would exchange glances then the acceptance of one another would make the occasion all the more delightful.

Makeup : Sanjana Bandesha.

Ready to accept the new family

To be a perfect bride after the wedding day as well, you should show the readiness to accept the new family. Sometimes, it might happen, that you have to compromise and say no to your individuality, but it would only be in the interest of your family. Compromising does not mean, looking down or feeling humiliated but it means, controlling certain situations by not arguing or keeping quiet for that moment. In this way you are bond to win the hearts of all the family members and could set an example in front of others.

Photography: Wedding Velvet.

To be a perfect bride, apply these tips to enhance your physical beauty and also follow these suggestions to adjust well in your new family. In this way you would enjoy your new life perfectly well with your partner.

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